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For 2021, we are offering a Team-Based program. If you have a youth team interested in participating in this program, please contact Ethan Frank ( to discuss details.

See below for examples of our previous youth programs as we are not planning to run these individual programs for Summer 2021.

Champion offers a variety of Youth Programs
for all ages and skill levels. From our Wee Little Laxers to our Competitive Team Youth League we have it all covered for your entire family of players. Our programs are designed to teach and reinforce lacrosse skills in an atmosphere where players have a blast!

More details are available below.
The Champion Lacrosse youth programs meet weekly. Depending on your skill level and age we have a program to fit your players needs.

The Wee Little Laxers (Pre-K-K) is co-ed and requires no equipment. This is a 1-hour program perfect for the youngest laxers.

The Little Laxers (Pre-K-2nd grade) is co-ed and requires no equipment. This 90 Minute program provides the perfect amount learning and fun.

The 3rd-8th grade training programs (boys and girls) are 90 minute programs that focus on teaching and enhancing individual skills and developing team concepts. For the boys - stick contact and full lacrosse equipment is required (there is no body checking). For the girls - protective eyewear and a mouthguard are required. Players are grouped by grade and ability to provide most effective training.

The Competitive Team League is a team-based program the provides for training and competitive game play. This is an ideal supplemental training to your summer tournament schedule.

: Champion Lacrosse has the very best instructional staff anywhere! Many of our coaches, instructors and counselors are current and former Head Coaches, NCAA Players, and teachers. Important - no other program has a team of coaches and teachers like ours - there is no comparison.

Friends & Family members will be kept together. We group students by age and ability with their friends.

The Champion Lacrosse Instructional Progression was designed to help students advance and grow as athletes and lacrosse players.